A Message from Alex:

I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign. To all those who donated, to all those who volunteered, and to all those who voted: thank you. This has been an extraordinary and humbling experience. I understand anyone who feels disappointment at the outcome--I feel the same--but I also know that this was a great expression of the democratic process. The people of the 70th District finally got to vote on who they wanted as their representative. That is a real victory.

The issues that compelled my run are not going away - we still have much to do. I look forward to working alongside all of you, as well as Delegate McQuinn, who I congratulate on her victory.

I still believe that this state and this district can do better. And I know that working together, we will. I hope you'll join me in fighting to make Virginia a place of fairness and opportunity for everyone.

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